Here you’ll find descriptions and links to the Kindle eBooks that I have personally written. These books can be additional resources for improving various aspects of your life.


3 Sixty Five: Your Everyday Guide to 365 Inspiring Quotes to Live By­





My most popular eBook. I have been collecting inspirational empowering quotes for years, and in this book, you’ll find 365 of my personal favorite inspirational quotes from the greatest philosophers, authors, and foremost thinkers. Learn the secrets to life, love, happiness, and fruitful longevity.



Escape Your Debt: The Ultimate Money Management Guide for Debt Relief, Learn How to Pay Off Your Debt and Live Debt Free Forever





My popular Debt Relief Guide Book. This book will detail to you the exact steps I used to gain control over my finances. You’ll discover why you are in debt, effective steps to take to get out of debt, restore your credit, and remain living debt free forever. 



The Sum of All Thoughts: A Collection of Poetry and Spoken Word Memoirs





A collection of poetry and spoken word memoirs that detail my thoughts, feelings, and actions towards people and experiences that moved me to emotional depths I didn’t understand, nor could explain, until I finally put a pen to paper, and unleashed the harbored emotions that held me at bay from a nurturing life.